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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to the main questions of SEMLAG users.
If you can not find what you are looking for, contact Technical Support.

Common questions

SEMLAG is a new performance improvement tool, decreasing latency with the use of optimized routes to reduce game ping and end packet loss. With SEMLAG you will never again have speed problems when playing your games, using an optimized route to improve your latency.

To test SEMLAG for seven days free, just register through this link: https://test.semlag.com/

To start the Trial, download the program and install SEMLAG. On the program screen, click on “Free trial".

After downloading and configuring SEMLAG, still in the program, the “Game statistics” tab will show the name of the games executable and its latency. If it does not appear, check if the Windows Firewall is activated or if the game is working. Our list of supported games and servers is already over 500 and we are always working to add more games and servers and improve the service.

It's very easy, just send an email to contato@semlag.com with your games name and website. In up to 3 days the game will be added, if there is any doubt go to https://semlag.com/ for more information.

To function, SEMLAG requires the most up-to-date versions of: Microsoft .NET Framework and Visual C ++ Redistributable Package. Both can be found at the links below:

First, check if the Firewall or ANTIVIRUS is giving access to the program. If necessary, disable the Firewall momentarily. Then, make sure you have all the necessary programs installed on your machine, such as NET Framework and Visual C ++ Redistributable Package.

These are the servers optimized to play your game, they are chosen when analyzing your route by the program itself, but you can use any server.

Our affiliate program is designed to help influencers spread SEMLAG and still gain advantages. Click on the link to learn more.

No. SEMLAG can be used by all MMOs and online games without risk of being banned.

Certainly. In addition to having a game base and servers in different countries around the world, we have special routes for different versions of games in different countries.

Yes! You can play games with restricted access, ip block, without problems with SEMLAG!

Turbo Games is a new function of SEMLAG that helps your performance in games, improving keyboard response time. To use, just go to the program settings and activate Turbo Games.

This function was created to optimize the computer and improve the games performance. It prioritizes all gaming processes on your computer with exclusive SEMLAG technology. With this you can have a gain of frames per second, FPS. To use, enter the program, open the settings tab and activate BOOST FPS. If you have questions about how to configure this function, contact us at contato@semlag.com

What are the routing options? These are different ways that the program uses to connect to the game. It is a way to ensure a better connection to the game. If you have problems, go to the settings tab and change from “Mode 1” to “Mode 2”.

If you are having problems using SEMLAG, first confirm that the program is released in Firewall and antivirus. Then, open the program in administrator mode. Now, try to enter the program again.

Enter the SEMLAG website and access "My Account". To your left you will see the “Recurrences” button, click on it. Then, on the payments tab, click cancel.

Send a message through the chat where one of our collaborators will help you.